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If we like it, we'll post it on our YouTube Channel


Send us your video and we'll post it on our web site/You Tube. Keep it brief 1 to 3 minutes.  Tell us your name, band name, location (city, State) give us your best endorsement on any of the Big Bang Products. Briefly Talk about your favorite features of the product, it can be technical if you want, and feel free to demonstrate what you like and how it works. It can also be instructional, (i,e, Talk about Ahead Drumsticks with their performance sound qualities, etc., give us a 20 second solo,  how to install a Bass Drum O, How to Tune a Drum using the Drumdial, Your Favorite sounding KASZA Cymbal, How the Cymbal crown works, What you like about Metrophones, show us how Metrophones gets the job done, etc ) If we like it, we'll post it on our You Tube channel. We will pick the best submission to be eligible for a prize or gift from BBD. Be creative and entertaining if possible.


How to get Started

1. Shoot the video using the guidelines above
2. Upload the video to YouTube
3. Fill out the Form Below

Please no rude or offensive video submissions

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