NEW! Digital DrumDial

  • Digital LCD display measures true Timpanic pressure from 0-100
  • New Amber LCD Back Light, works day or night
  • Custom foam lined protective hard shell case
  • Edge Gage
  • Glass calibration standard
  • Lug back drum key holder and Drum key
  • Tuning chart and Instructions
  • Simple one touch calibration that maintains the cal point even when powered down!


DrumDial quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque. Tension rod torque can be used to tell you when you are over tightening a bolt to prevent thread damage, but is not accurate for drum tuning because of the difference in screw tolerances, plating, corrosion, and thread wear. You can eliminate these problems by using a DrumDial to measure drumhead tension directly from the drumhead, allowing you to precisely tune your drums faster and easier than ever before. DrumDial has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards with all the key features you would expect from the best drum tuner available. Get the tuner that really works, get a DrumDial and make it possible for your drums to consistently sound great!

DrumDial Features:

     1. Heavy weight base for "Superior  Accuracy".

    2. Adjustable Bezel for "Zeroing Out".

    3. Bezel lock.

    4. Tuning range memory markers.

    5. "Edge Guide" for edge distance accuracy.


Hello - Shawn Drover from MEGADETH here. Just wanted to let you know that my drum tech recently purchased the drum dial for our currentworld tour, which just began 3 weeks ago in Canada, and I must say that my drums have never sounded more in tune and consistent!!!!!!! My snare in particular now is dialed exactly the same every night which has made a noticeable difference in both tone and feel of the
drum. My tech and myself now swear by your product and WONT use anything else!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Drover

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DrumDial Hard Case

Heavy-duty, dedicated plastic hard case. Double walled construction with commercial grade molded mechanical hinges and a Patented unbreakable latch. Rugged fold down handle makes the case easy to carry.

Multiple layers of dense protective foam for both top and bottom protection of your DrumDial. Precision die cut custom foam interior to hold your DrumDial, edge gage and glass calibration standard.

Edge gage and inch thick glass calibration standard included with each case.

Made in the U.S.A.




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